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This year at BILT NA we have quite a number of interesting speakers (and with over 100 speakers  in total, you are bound to find many you want to hear) Under our speaker spotlight this week we have 3 interesting speakers, Sonny Andalis who will be travelling all the way from Singapore for our event, as well as Nick Kovach and Heather Worrell.

Evolution of BIM Execution Plan – Sonny Andalis


Currently the BIM Manager for AECOM Singapore, Sonny is responsible for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail connecting Malaysia and Singapore. Outside of work he is a F1 race official for the Australian, British, Canadian and Singapore Grand Prix in 2018.

This is his 4th BILT conference as a speaker, having been to the Gold Coast, Porto and Singapore previously. He is a structural engineer by profession with a passion for parametric models and is looking to put his stamp on the buildings and infrastructure he creates.

Sonny’s session entitled, “Evolution of BIM Execution Plan” will discuss how to create a BEP for many types of projects from simple condominiums to airports, stadiums, hospitals and rail projects. He says he is looking forward to this year’s BILT as he enjoys the fun atmosphere of BIM professionals and the sheer amount of knowledge the speakers have there!

Machine Learning, it’s not just for Data Scientists – Nick Kovach

Nick KovachNick Kovach is the BIM Manager at BOKA Powell in Dallas, Texas. His goal in his career is not simply BIM Management, but to push the boundaries of what BIM software can do and how a traditional architecture firm can function. He has been known to build his own Revit add-ins and completely geek out with automation tools that make life easier for his fellow architects in numerous ways.

In his own words: Those who know me are aware of my fascination with Space (partially thanks to my 9-year old son) and most importantly my admiration of the company SpaceX. Any company that can basically thumb its nose at NASA (with some of the smartest scientists) must be doing something amazing. This company inspires me and reminds me that we cannot simply stand still or stop pushing for the impossible.

So, the question remains, why am I organizing a lab on the topic of Machine learning? I never suggested I was a data scientist but in the last couple years I have been moving further down that rabbit hole. I have roughly 60 Revit users at my company that don’t always give me a lot of feedback on how my template or standards are working for them. When a Revit family is loaded or a drafting view is borrowed from an existing project, I don’t typically get any notification. With machine learning, I can not only anticipate a Revit user’s needs but I can reduce wasted efforts to help streamline our process even further. If this seems intriguing, please sign up for my lab: “Machine Learning, it’s not just for Data Scientists”. I will showcase a few examples I am currently using myself.

Women in BIM – Heather Worrell

Heather WorrellHeather is the Director of BIM at RATIO, with a team of three amazing BIM specialists. She dedicates about 50% of her time to managing the team and BIM projects, training/onboarding staff, and doing research and development. The other 50% of her time goes to billable work, as she is also an architect. She is part of the last line of defense in impending project deadlines, coming on at the end to pick up the last of the red lines or fix wayward schedules in projects. Somewhere in that mix she also finds the time to work with her Technical Resources team to set and enforce drawing standards.

Her session is on Women in BIM, and it is one of the last sessions of the conference. This is meant for women and men. The panel is not necessarily meant to discuss work/life balance, demeaning things said on the job site, or the effects of mansplaining on society at large… although we may touch on those areas. This panel will be seeking to have a better understanding of the effect of a diversified leadership and a diversified team. Her hope is that everyone can come away with tools to support diversified teams and be better allies for each other, no matter the gender identity.

Outside of her job she is also interested in how trees talk to each other (by fungi in the soil, of course), Pavlov’s plants, the mantis shrimp, and CRISPR. In her own words she says: I’m a lover of the podcast and especially ones that I can geek out about. It’s amazing that there is still so much to uncover about the world we are on and the possibilities of changing the very core building blocks of humans, on purpose.

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