BILTna 2017 Speaker Spotlights!

Chad Speas | Design Applications Manager at Corgan

Session: Design & Practice Applications Training Initiative; Overcoming the lack of Training for a 500+ person Firm


 I get to wear a lot of hats! I manage Autodesk assets, lead a team of BIM professionals, Internal troubleshooting, Lead software training initiatives across the firm. I’m lucky enough to visit all our offices on a regular basis, love the planning aspect, trying something new, earning miles! Hobbies; Golf, although a 20 handicap (solid 20!) and play poker.

I love that I get to work for the people in my firm, they are my client and I want to make them better. I’m working on WAY more projects in my current role than I would if I were still practicing and producing. I’m motivated by building consensus. I like to bring people together in a logical fashion, seeing multiple sides of the problem to solve. I also like seeing that AHA! moment when training people.

My session is “Design & Practice Applications Training Initiative; Overcoming the lack of Training for a 500+ person Firm. It’s important because we learn and we need to continue to learn. Many of us have kids and are reminded about how they learn in lower elementary, through middle school and into high school. We recall our own experiences in university and post graduate degrees. Then we start our professional careers, develop our own habits, or the habits of our respective firms, and get comfortable and rest on our laurels. We must continue to learn, but as firms grow and our experiences grow, we learn less and become static. This learning is important so we can grow, build, and become better at what we do.

Across the AEC community, we must share this learning knowledge and best practices. We are not unique and must not keep this information to ourselves. Why do again what someone else has already done. Share this info, but as a community and as individuals. We are all facing the same issues!

The reason I’m looking forward to BILT is because I’m allowed to be a nerd! No one else understands the trials and tribulations of the modern AEC industry as much as those that attend BiLT. We can all commiserate, learn and celebrate together. I can share the passion of being an Architect with others and continue to grow that technical side of the profession that I enjoy working in!

Carl Storms| Senior Applications Expert at IMAGINiT

Lab:  Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It – Again

Roundtable: BIM as a Deliverable vs. BIM as a Process

Session: Dynamo Packages – Have You Tired These Yet?


As a Senior Applications Expert with IMAGINiT, I’m kept busy helping clients with all things Building Information Modeling (BIM). One day I might be teaching Revit, Navisworks, FormIt, Dynamo, or even ACAD. Another day I will be on site helping a client with a BIM implementation. At other times I’m creating a whitepaper, doing some over the shoulder mentoring or delivering a webinar.

Well, some may think all I do is come up with abstracts to submit to BILT, but I do on occasion do other stuff too. I enjoy ice hockey, back in the day I was a goalie, which might explain a few things. I also try to hit the links a few times a year, or just go exploring the local walking trails with my wife and dog on a sunny day. I also spend some of my spare time working on my blog “The BIMsider” or spending a lunch hour recording a Podcast with Marcello for the Simply Complex Podcast – Conference and User Group edition. I also organize a couple local Dynamo User Groups for Calgary (DoC) and Edmonton (EoC) But really, mostly it’s the abstract thing.

I love what I do because it’s never boring because every day is not always the same old thing. One thing that motivates me is when I’m teaching a class and I see that “ah ha” moment in the students, when and you can see their new interest and excitement in what they are learning. I also enjoy the travel, I’ve got see a lot of really cool places I didn’t think I ever would. The “Married with Children” fountain in Chicago, Autodesk’s Pier 9 Studio in San Francisco, and an absolute highlight was Budapest for RTC Europe 2015!

My first session is a ab is titled, “Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It – Again”. This Lab is NOT for Dynamo pro’s, but for the Dynamo rookie looking to get off the bench and into the game. This lab will pick up from where last year’s “Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It” left off.

My second session is a roundtable titled, “BIM as a Deliverable vs. BIM as a Process”. This will be a Roundtable discussion that looks at BIM and if we should treat it as a deliverable, a process, or both.

My third session is titled, “Dynamo Packages – Have You Tired These Yet?”. In this session, we will explore some of the many great Dynamo packages that are available to improve your Dynamo experience.

There’s a lot to enjoy at BILT. The sessions are always great, as are the social events, and I always seem to learn something new in the exhibit hall. But I think the biggest thing is meeting up with friends old and new that I only see at RTC every year…and the Glorious Gadgets got to have me some Glorious Gadgets!

Scott Brown | Senior Project Manager at Beck

Session: Architectural Swing” The Dance of Project Communication”


I spend my working hours building buildings on the computer before our team builds them in reality.  I enjoy working out the details in revit and most recently using stereo panoramas to show our designs to both our design teams and our construction teams.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. We do lots of intentional things together. We run a family art studio, “” which encourages people to be creative.  When we aren’t making stuff, we hunt, fish, camp, garden, travel, read, find waterfalls, springs, rivers or other places we can swim and do just about anything we can outside.

What motivates me right now is telling a better story with my life then the one I told yesterday.  I’m motivated to meet the needs of others wether at home or at the job site. What interests/challenges me at work is improving the way we deliver projects.  I really want to see us get away from the limits of a 30×42 sheet of paper and figure out how to give people the information they need when they need it in a clearer less wasteful way then we do right now.

Our Session Title is “Architectural Swing” The Dance of Project Communication”.  This class is important to me because I’m an awful communicator and It’s been my experience over the past 20 years that projects struggle not because of individuals lack of technical skills but because of the team’s lack of communication skills.  So last year I broke from my tradition of teaching classes on how to use Revit and decided the industry(well at least I) needed to talk more about how we communicate.   I teamed up with my friend Darick Brokaw and we created “Architectural Jazz – The Psychology of Project Collaboration.”  This class was a huge success which validated our thinking that we need to do more then beef up our technical skills at these conferences and we can help each other enjoy our work and be more human in our technology filled world.

BILT is like a yearly family reunion for me.  The community of Revit users who have been working on this industry change together since the early days of Revit share a common purpose.  We saw a tool that would change the way we deliver buildings for the better and we went for it.  So I enjoy seeing those people most of all.

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