Speaker Spotlight: Alejandro Mata

This year’s BILT Europe conference in Aarhus, Denmark is packed with great topics and speakers. This week we spoke with Alejandro Mata from Rambøll who will be presenting two sessions:

1.) MEP Data Analytics: Enhance your MEP Design – Saturday session 3.2.

2.) Decision Taking and Supercharge Open BIM: Dynamo for IFC and BCF – Friday session 2.3.

Who you are and what you do (not just your title…what you really do!)?

I’m Alejandro Mata, a BIM consultant and computational design specialist at Rambøll in Denmark. I’ve got a Masters in Science, HVAC design engineer with a background in civil engineering and architectural technology. I’m passionate about enhancing the performance of AEC industry by pursuing the establishment of a common data environment within a BIM process and promoting a better utilisation of building technology, towards automation of digital design processes and research in generative design.

My focus is to work smarter and achieve the most effective practices to enhance data utilisation and digital collaboration among AEC parties. For the last 10 years, I’ve been using Autodesk, Inc. products , with a detailed focus in Revit MEP software, and the Dynamo extension complemented with Business Intelligence solutions. I’ve gained experience over the last 4 years through well-known Nordic projects and also increased awareness about the importance of Open BIM. Furthermore, this year I have decided to work only with development to enhance and offer new digitally enable services, that create value for both clients and Rambøll consultants.

What’s interesting to you outside of work?

I like to play around with new technology; read personal development books; attend social events and participate in any kind of sports.

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)?

I would say that the most interesting thing about what I do, is to be as innovative as possible in one of the most conservative and traditional industries, like the AEC industry is considered, for many of its professionals. I’m proud to belong to one of the most skilled teams in the world regarding BIM and digital innovation, that works really hard to accelerate digitalisation in a leading sustainable society consultant firm such as Rambøll.

My team pursues on a daily basis to always think out of the box, totally the opposite to AEC professionals that often chase perfectionism and “safe” solutions. This tends to create a lot of tension and challenges with AEC consultants each time we have a new project, but ultimately, it’s very satisfying to experience what new technology can do to help the  AEC industry to work more efficiently and deliver high-performance solution to the clients.

What’s your session title and why it’s important not only to you but the broader AEC community?

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and ideas with the BILT and AEC community in 2 sessions:

o   “MEP Data Analytics: Enhance your MEP Design and Decision Taking
I think the most remarkable characteristic of this class is to show and demonstrate how powerful data analytics is. I will demonstrate the easy of evaluating the status of MEP models and MEP systems performance by using the free Business Intelligence tool “Microsoft Power BI” combined with “Dynamo” and “Flux”. The purpose of this workflow is to promote data-driven decision making to pursue better and faster decisions, especially in early project phases.

o   “Supercharge Open BIM: Dynamo for IFC and BCF
I think this lab is important because it will help to understand that IFC open standard is not just a 3D BIM model that can be opened without any Revit license. This lab will introduce how to perform data analytics of IFC models using the open source tool “Dynamo” and how this data can be used to enhance productivity of different common design processes. Also, it will show how “Dynamo” can enhance a better utilisation of BCF – BIM Collaboration Format. The aim is to promote the importance of using Open BIM in AEC industry and also increase awareness about the need of a great IFC data mapping and structure within IFC models.

What you enjoy most about BILT?

I enjoy the energy and the level of excitement that attendees have at BILT events. It’s like visiting an amusement park.  I think that it’s awesome to meet new people who are passionate about the same things than you and aims to improve the AEC industry. It feels almost unreal when you have a conversation about new ideas and people understand it and contribute to make it even better, this is normally an uncommon thing in most work places. The level of inspiration and new knowledge is extraordinary, and therefore I’m highly motivated to get to work after attending a BILT event, to share the new skills and experiences that I’ve learnt.

I think this year will be even more special because people will have the opportunity to experience the world’s happiest country and one of the most beautiful cities of Denmark, Aarhus, besides having access to one of the world’s leading AEC communities.





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