Speaker Spotlight with Dan Stine

12 weeks from today we’ll be wrapping up the first BILTna conference in Toronto! Time to start highlighting some of the conference speakers – so why not start with the best of the best. Dan Stine is more than just a registered architect, educator, author and BIM Administrator. He’s also a sandal wearing, winter bike riding father of two teenagers, great guy from Minnesota and suspiciously nice! :)

Who you are and what you do (not just your title…what you really do!)?

I do a little of everything at our multi-discipline firm. Just last week, for example: I presented two sessions (with our in-house counsel) on Limited Liability Agreements (LLA) and distribution of electronic drawings. I did an all-day Revit training for a graduate student intern starting for the summer. I also ran a weekly BIM Coordination meeting for an Army Corps of Engineers project, in Nebraska, where we talked about COBie deliverables. I recently facilitated a VR experience to an entire high school staff in Superior Wisconsin so they could see their new building.

Coming up on the fourth year this fall semester, I also teach BIM to graduate students at North Dakota State University (NDSU). In addition to lots of Revit, I cover energy modeling, professional lighting design and VR. We use ElumTools, Revizto, ArchVision Dashbaord, Insight 360 and more!

What’s interesting to you outside of work?

Spending time and traveling with my family. Through my kid’s school, we have hosted kids from around the world, for short English emersion-type experiences. We’ve had kids from Russia (3 times), Columbia, South America and Turkey (I now love Turkish coffee). In a few weeks my family is heading to Russia to visit the exchange students, which are all from my city’s ‘sister city’, and meet their parents.

I also like to bike to work, even in the winter! Winter is also a great time to write book because it is too cold to do anything else in Minnesota. I am motivated to write books because I love to write, share knowledge and travel (selling the books really helps :)).

What is interesting about what you do (what motivates you at both work and play)?

I love the variety of my job. I am a people-person, so I like that I get to work with nearly everyone in our 270-person firm and with clients and users. The firm I work at is very supportive of what I do and also embraces technology and high performance design. I also enjoy presenting, which I have done at AU, RTC/BILT, CSI event, AIA-MN Convention, AUGI CAD Camp and several universities.

I have presented at every RTC/BILT in North America and once in the other regions. Later this year I’ll be presenting at BILT in Denmark.

What’s your session title and why is it important to you and the broader AEC community?

BILTna, Toronto, Canada

  • What’s New in Revit (or Industry Collections) 2018
    Come to this panel session to learn, and share, about the new or improved features in Revit 2018. There will be a balance of presentation and open discussion. A handout will be provided with an outline and overview of each new feature. Bonus: learn how you can beta test Revit! Co-Speakers: Clay Hickling and Stephen Taskin
  • Luminaire Families for Experts
    This course provides vital content for anyone creating families that is interested in preserving integrity for accurate lighting calculations. End users of Revit and ElumTools will enjoy the many valuable tips for understanding and interacting with the wide variety of family content available from today’s providers.
    C0-Speaker: Matt Kincaid (ElumTools developer extraordinaire, Lighting Analysists, Inc.)

BILTeur, Aarhus, Denmark

  • Lab: New Multi-Story Stair and Railing Features
    The Multi-Story stair tool has been completely revamped for Revit 2018. This lab will cover what has changed, how old MS stairs are upgraded as well as some of the limitations. Additionally, there are a few new railing features we will look at.

What you enjoy most about BILT?

I love seeing old friends and meeting new ones. BILT attracts many highly motivated, and talented, people. BILT is a great place join in thoughtful conversations about how to actually do something  in the real world!

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