Stand up and BIM counted!

Are you a Quantity Surveyor or an Estimator? Then we have you covered this year at BILT ANZ 2017. This year the estimation stream will run over two days with over eleven hours of active learning. As the estimation stream is being run in parallel with the construction stream, there is also the option to attend the full three-day event and attend additional key sessions.

The sessions offered cover technical and process aspects of quantification, cost estimation and cost management for Quantity Surveyors and Estimators. We also have some hands-on computer lab sessions to help you improve on the practical aspects of using specific software tools.  Whether you’re still nutting out how to make good use of digital building models created by others, or you’re looking for ways to enhance your processes, we’ve got the people and the knowledge to help you.

For our first-time attendees to a BILT event, the schedule can be daunting, with up to nine sessions being run concurrently – there is plenty on offer. To assist you in selecting the most relevant sessions you can filter by session type on the event schedule on the website. To make it even easier we have listed the sessions we think are most relevant below:

Opening the Estimation Stream, Andrew Brady (Managing Director, GRC Quantity Surveyors, and National Board member, AIQS) will kick off the stream by establishing the context of why everyone is here, where the market is and where it’s heading, and what is needed to meet market demand.

In ‘The QTO: Risks and Mitigation of 5D BIM’, Keeley Pomeroy (Senior Quantity Surveyor, AECOM) will share how to control risk and costs through conversations, Quality Assurance systems and a sensible approach to data management.

Scott Beazley (Digital Technologies Manager, Mitchell Brandtman and Senior Research Fellow, University of Wollongong) will present ’Modelling for 5D Quantities: A BIM Manager’s guide for specifying model content’, sharing his BIM Manager’s guide for specifying model content to enable better 5D quantity generation from models. He will address modelling setup techniques, software limitations and common pitfalls to provide confidence for both QS and model authors in regards to expected quantification uses. He’ll be using real world projects as examples.

The next session (shared with the Construction Stream) is ‘In-depth 4D: Logistics, Safety and Materials’. This session will include a case study with complex constraints for both horizontal and vertical built assets. You will learn the benefits and methods of analysing time on the jobsite and ways to interrogate the construction process.  Don’t be fooled by the mention of 4D – as you know, time is directly relevant to cost issues.

Closing out the first day will be Natalie Chaves (5D Quantity Surveyor, Mitchell Brandtman) presentation on ‘Virtual Construction Management’, delving into managing cost through construction. She will run through virtual trade packages; trade breakups for progress assessments and final accounts, and she will share workflows that explore the input requirements to achieve them.

The conclusion of Day 1, there will be an evening social function at the South Australian Museum. The evening provides great opportunities to network with peers and other attendees from across the whole AECO industry. Share project war stories and lessons learned – it’s good for the soul.

Day 2 sees our first hands-on labs in the Estimation Stream. For our first-time attendees at BILT, this session is interactive and attendees can do, rather than just observe. Presenters will have step-by-step instructions as they work through workflows and processes using key software packages.

Keeley Pomeroy (AECOM) will lead off with ‘Model-based quantification using CostX: What a BIM-savvy QS need to know’. This session together with the BUILDSOFT Lab (speaker TBA) will provide attendees with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience using multiple software platforms.

After the labs, the pace changes with a double session from Mark Jeffrey (Managing Director, ODG Solutions) on ‘Busting Change Management Myths in the Context of a Real, Live Global BIM Strategy Execution’. Flanked by Dan Jurgens (Global BIM Manager, Opus), he will present on how Change Management is a constant challenger for the building and construction industry. They will share why having a good strategy and plan is critical to achieving a holistic change management approach, and how focusing on people and process will yield greater success. This will touch on Change Management, Psychology and Work Culture Dynamics and a live BIM Strategy.

To close out the event we have a plenary forum, together with the other design and construction-focused attendees. The exact content of the session is still to be finalised, but be sure it will be both fun and informative.

Note that these sessions described are only suggestions and there is a lot more variety at the event that may be of interest to you. Prior to registering make sure that you head to the event schedule on the website. Here you can browse sessions to get more information to help you decide which sessions are relevant and of interest to you.

To register for the event, go to You can also win free registration, airfares and accommodation via our social media competition.

The event committee look forward to seeing you at BILT ANZ 2017!

*Note: Sessions noted are correct at time of publishing this blog post. Note that sessions may change without notice. Please refer to the event website for the most up to date sessions.  Attendees registered for specific sessions will be advised if there are any changes.






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