State of the BCS!


We are another week closer to the BCS (only 34 days remaining!) and the committee has been busy lining up participants, sponsors and fine tuning details of the event.  We are very encouraged by the various responses we’ve received about the event.  “This has been needed for a long time!” people often say. In our discussions with folks from the three represented groups (manufacturers, designers and service providers) we are seeing that news of the event has spread quickly and people want to become involved.

We have had a solid week of registrations and our program is filling up.  Notice the use of the word ‘participants’ above?  This will not be a typical ‘spend your day listening to somebody else talk’ kind of event.  In fact, rather than ask for ‘speakers’, we have lined up a program that will promote input from all who want to chime in.  After all, we are talking content here and we KNOW there’s a ton of opinions on the matter – we think it’s going to be an electrifying and productive time!

Let’s make this a great event!  Get registered here and start preparing some thoughts you can share with the group..

… here are some recent thoughts from our committee members (taken from recent interviews)

Ken Nasatka:

My hope is that somewhere in the future this summit might help drive and define what should be designed into BIM content, which would help with both the interoperability and industry standards.

Aaron Maller:

BIM content, its creation and all of the issues surrounding it are the most important issues we face as an industry. This summit provides us with an environment that will eliminate barriers of miscommunication that have been making the process more difficult than it needs to be for years.

Randall Stevens:

I think that if we can talk about everyone’s objectives regarding content, that’s a great starting place.  Sustainability is the key. If we all want to be here for the long haul these things have to be figured out.”

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