Still Mulling it Over?

Should you attend? Should you stay home? We’re biased of course, we think you should attend. Tim wrote about his experience, on his RevitCat Blog, attending RTC in Wollongong last month (May 24-26, 2012).

He wrote: “I love the way that RTC always keeps going at the highest quality right up to the last few minutes – not only did we get to see some amazing gadgets in the afternoon (Wesley had the audience ducking for cover with a live demo of a quadrocopter), but the evening went on to a gala dinner, that included lots of fun and games.” He also wrote: “There were quite a number of sessions where people described their (positive) experiences of linking Revit to external databases & Excel – in previous years this has been mostly speculation about the possibilities, but now it is well and truly happening.

Thanks to Tim for sharing his thoughts. If you decide to attend, be sure to check out his session about adaptive points, Divide and Conquer Adaptive Points.

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