Strategise, Plan, Succeed…


I recently asked a colleague of mine “are you coming to the next RTC?”  He said he had asked his operations manager about it but the reply disturbed the both of us… “Do you want to go to RTC or do you want a raise?”

My colleague was obviously disturbed at having to choose between the two and we both agreed that it was unusual for both to be regarded by a manager as somehow being similar. Yes, both could be seen as productivity incentives for my colleague yet I couldn’t help seeing one as a blunt hammer and the other as.. well.. much, much more than that.

Conferences can be seen as a junket, a perk, a nice to have per se.  I remember the first time I had approval to go to Las Vegas for AU, I had the sit down from the boss about representing the company etc… I assured him that the seedier side of the bright lights was pretty much lost on me.  What I did see blew my mind and profoundly challenged the level of thinking I was settling for.  I knew I had to put that back into the business that had paid for me to go.

I heard a colleague of mine after the last RTC go back to his managers to tell them that he had just seen something that was going to vastly improve the efficiency of their national engineering practice.  Consequently he outlined the next 2 years of development and the associated business outcomes.

Another practice I know uses this event to bring their national BIM team together as a focus on what’s next for their individual regions and team building.

On a practical note, if you’re using Revit and you haven’t investigated applying Dynamo, you’ll probably be eating your competitors dust over these next few years or… You can get yourself to one of the only places where it’s practical applications are being discussed and taught by individuals using it on a daily basis.

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