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Summer is coming to an end, and its time to get excited for the much anticipated BILT EUR 2018! We have some fantastic sessions in the program this year that we’re thrilled to bring to our BILT community, such as the classes below. With BILT EUR only 6 weeks away, be sure to get involved and pick your classes before they fill up! And if you haven’t had a chance to register yet, Register here!

1.2 From Experts to users – Reality capturing for site layout in the detailing stage. This presentation will cover BIM detailing for structural or MEP engineers, particularly showing a few examples where capturing site data and comparing with design model has produced fast and precise decisions by all stakeholders.

1.3 From NURBS to Meshes – Parametric design & BIM, presented by Ákos Karóczkai, In this session attendees will learn the basic concept of parametric design with Rhino and Grasshopper and the live connection to ARCHICAD and see the advantages that this tool brings to the BIM workflow. Through case studies attendees will understand workflows that will enhance their early design processes and see the benefits of implementing computational design into their BIM processes.

1.4 “OpenBIM Brother”: LIVE presented by Nathan Hildebrandt, “OpenBIM Brother” AKA Nathan Hildebrandt will take you on a journey using ARCHICAD to compliant IFC export. Learn how to deliver COBie and data aligning with your client’s information requirements.

1.5 Streamlining & Automating Electrical Access Control… with Paul Candy. Developing electrical access control elevations for openings takes a lot of time, even in BIM. What if you could accomplish this tedious task in hours, if not minutes? In this session, we’ll take you through the process of creating quick and easy electrical elevation drawing details.

1.5 Aircraft Impact Simulation presented by Artur Braun. A rather interesting look at the impact of a commercial airliner into a major atomic power plant in Germany. Think 70s Air-crash disaster movies, but you’ll also see the modelling/engineering part of it.

2.2 Effective ‘LOD’ Implementation in Projects presented by Marzia Bolpagni. Do you know what ‘LOD’ is and how to effectively use it? If Level of Development, Level of Definition, Level of Detail, Level of Information, Level of Accuracy, Level of Coordination etc. drive you crazy, join this class:we will cover international standard and how to effectively implement ‘LOD’ in projects.

2.5  Lessons from the (Air)Field: Pilot project on mobile 4D-LEAN-monitoring, presented by Anna Assama & Greg Demchak, This session will showcase the challenges and opportunities of 4D monitoring, newly discovered or suspected and confirmed at the medium-sized Pilot Project Airfield Office near Stuttgart, Germany.

3.2 AVRIL, BIM design applied to an innovative campus, presented by Damien Lefranc & Sylvester Knudsen, One of the most interesting projects in 2017 that has been designed and built by Legendre Group in BIM approach for AVRIL, the French leader of agro-industry. This project is innovative by his bioclimatic design, VR proposition, BIM collaboration and a new long-span structural framing.

3.2 Using mathematics in Revit application programming, presented by Francisco Contreras. When you develop applications using the Revit API, there are problems that can only be solved with the understanding of the mathematics that define the elements. We present a few of these cases; explaining how we managed to transit from mathematical theory, to programming, to the final product.

3.3 LAB: Take control of your model QA with Revit, Solibri, presented by Mike Coombe & Salman Pey, the duo will will demonstrate in this presentation that by using a Lean process with some simple tools and a well-structured workflow we can turn the model checking process into a valuable collaboration tool for the whole project team.

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