Super Bowl

Well, it must be the end of January again, because the Patriots have again stormed through the championships and punched their ticket to the super bowl, oh wait, I forget anyone living west of the Hudson or south of Connecticut pretty much hates on the Patriots. Well no fear, I’m sure a day of reckoning is ahead for Pats fans (sometime). 

Let’s talk about another super bowl; The design technology super bowl, known as DTS. We are getting back into planning for DTS 2018 after a bit of a late fall/early winter lay-off. At the top of our list of to-do items is to: 

  • Release our DTS statements from our 2017 session 
  • Finalize our broad topic agenda for 2018 
  • Bring onboard partners for our 2018 event 

In terms of our statements doc, at the moment we’ve distilled it down to a few core “principals” which seem to encompass much of the more detailed requirements or desires (in no order of particular priority): 

  1. Lightweight user interfaces that support multiple devices and methods of interaction and input. 
  1. Continue to focus on the elimination of documentation (or as much as possible) through a variety of tangents ranging from how we exchange and access data to methods of model (data) extensibility and organization. 
  1. Appropriate tools and methods for capturing and disseminating knowledge that is useful, meaningful and timely. 
  1. Performance and behavior of applications, i.e. quick, easy intuitive. 
  1. How do we raise the quality of life in terms of working on and designing our projects for our designers, architects, engineers and all of our end users. 

Lastly, I’m very happy to welcome on board for the planning of the 2018 event both Chris Warden and Brad Novak. We are very excited to have both gentlemen on-board to specifically focus on crafting 2018’s agenda as well as bringing in new perspectives on event. You will be hearing from Chris and Brad in future blog posts. 

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