Super Really Seriously Excited!

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As I mentioned in my last post, I am extremely excited about RTCNA this year and even gave you all a little hint about our super secret keynote surprise:

Suffice it to say that 15 years ago Revit was “born”, jump starting the BIM movement…Our keynote will take a look back to the beginning. We will be speaking with some of the people that were lucky enough to be involved with the early days of Revit and we’ll show you some of the early memorabilia and history.

Now that confirmations are in place, I am very pleased to announce the lineup will include the two founders of Revit – Leonid Raiz and Irwin Jungreis! We’ll have the founding duo on stage during our keynote session for some Q&A, story telling and general debauchery. Joining Leonid and Irwin will be a cast of characters that have not been together for over 13 years: Marty Rozmanith, David Conant, Steve Burri, Dave Heaton, Harry Mattison, Matt Jezyk. And we’re working on one or two more.

The purpose of this very special keynote? We’ll be talking to the entire gang while gaining insight into the creation, innovative marketing and sales, implementation and support of the software we all know and love (and sometimes hate ;-). We’ll hear the first-hand stories behind the early features (curtain walls for railings anyone?). You will see the development schedule and accompanying images from the early releases. And if we’re lucky enough we’ll even hear some of the passionate debates that were held while the groundwork for the original software was being developed.

And if that wasn’t enough!

The keynote will not be the end of the questions. Many of these folks will be staying on through the day and a few others will still be around to enjoy the Gala Dinner. Expect a few to be attending classes, going to the social functions and perhaps enjoying an adult beverage or two.  So if you’re polite and patient, you may have an incredibly unique and memorable opportunity to talk with the founders and early team members of Revit. One on one.

Now for the fine print!

Rather than have a “throw caution to the wind” open mic styled QnA, we’d like to make sure this very special keynote is really well planned and considered.

So if you have a question you would like to ask the keynote panel, please email it to with the subject line “Revitlution Question”. We’ll look for meaningful trends and arrange them for flow and interest (and even throw in a few surprises).

Same goes for any Revit memorabilia, project images, photos and more you would like to share from those early days. Email them to with “Revitlution Memories” in the subject line. We’d be very happy to include them as background slides during the show!

And finally, if you haven’t already done so – please register today! See you in 6 short weeks!!!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

Jim Balding – Chairman, RTC North America

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