Surface Pro 4

The other day I was invited to test out the new Microsoft Surface 4 Pro.  I’d never played with one of these before so I welcomed the opportunity.  I didn’t have too much time to play with the device, but it did run Navisworks remarkably well.

surface 3

There were some problems with graphics drivers for Revit and since ADSK still hasn’t moved up to the Windows10 environment, it may be some time before these issues are fully resolved. I heard one of the other testers was using FUSION360 pretty effectively.

None the less, I really dug the machine.  I’ve seen vendors from other BIM platform providers using the Surface and it’s obvious that the grunt and horsepower is in place.  I like that because it’s windows, the interplatform/app issues aren’t as pronounced (as opposed to having to get your stuff into android or iOS).

I think it’s a contender. I like it. I want one.

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