Technical or Strategy?

We are living in an information era, with an escalating production of content, a very significant growth on scientific papers published with almost endless sources. But does quantity mean quality? Is this really helping us?

The biggest challenge we have most of the time isn’t to get the necessary content, but to know what we need, what to expect of our findings before we spend our time on it and knowing the best reliable source to get it. This is one of the reasons we have BILT events and let me explain you why by telling what BILT is and isn’t.

  • BILT isn’t a party! (Although we throw a couple of pretty good ones)
  • BILT isn’t a trade show! (Although we do have an exhibition area of selected sponsors who we endorse because of the value they bring to our delegates)
  • BILT isn’t a Summit! (Although it’s a meeting point for many of the industry leaders and experts and it’s a community-based event where we do more than networking, we relate as a family of peers)
  • BILT IS a learning environment adding all the above, with classes, content and knowledge shared and provided by international renowned professionals.

As an educational event, we also align our classes and topics with the current and future skills required for the industry, and because of that we make sure we don’t settle with hard Skills, so I will focus on that, showing you how you can select your classes for the 3-days, thinking on the top 10 Soft Skills identified by the World Economic Forum.


1.2 BIM Runner – Design the Perfect BIM Manager by Christopher Rossetto

Prepare to use your judgment and critical thinking skills to be challenged and debate which of your current tasks as a BIM manager could be covered by AI and the ones who couldn’t. You’ll be provided with the information and opinions that will guide you on the way you should potentially approach your role in the near future.

1.3 Enabling BIM for the broad industry by Oliver Burkler

This class will provide you with the necessary information for judgement and decision making when it comes to adopting the best technical solutions to acquire accurate and reliable as-built data. You will know what you actually can do with reality capture and its combination with immersive technologies.

1.4 VDC Re-Imagining | Re-Designing Design by Jay Zallan

In this class, you will find a critical thinking approach to re-inventing the way we design. You will also evaluate what is already being done, propose and explore new and creative ideas and shape strategies for transition.

1.5 The Big BIM Reboot by Martin Coyne

If you are struggling in the final stages of your BIM implementation process, or just feel you need to reinvigorate it,  this class is perfect as it provides a guide for people management, re-evaluation of your strategy and documents, negotiation with clients and staff and find the necessary flexibility to adapt to different standards and cultures. Not to be missed!

2.2 Effective ‘LOD’ Implementation in Projects by Marzia Bolpagni

In this class, you will once again develop your critical thinking skills by understanding the impact it has to have many different LOD standards and interpretations. It will also help you in your decision-making process and problem solving when it comes to defining the necessary requirements in this area.

2.3 Evolution of BIM Execution Plans (BEP) by Sonny Andalis,

Coordination with other parties, negotiation and people management are all important skills, and are fundamental when we deal with a wide range of scientific and technical knowledge, project sizes, complexity, number of teams involved and multiple variations on contract types and scope of work. These are significant skills that a BIM Manager must have, among others and must be reflected in the BEP. In this class you will find a detailed guide on how to understand and interpret the employer information requirements and write an effective BEP.

2.4 BIM CDE and COBie for QC, Handover and Facility Management – Case Studies by Igor Starkov

Once again, coordinating with others and adding service orientation is key in our industry. You need to understand and be aware of what the facility owners need, how the data should be delivered and managed throughout the process and how it can be maintained during the building life-cycle. Even if you aren’t a facility manager, you’re part of the process, and the final result is a building to be used by the society, so this is a must see session for this.

2.5 Legal Implications of using BIM by Marzia Bolpagni

In the event of a dispute on liability, responsibility, model ownership, or any other related to the application of a BIM methodology, you can only have a critical judgment and negotiate a solution if you are aware of the real legal implications and how you can include them in your project documentation. In this class, you will acquire all that necessary information that many times is neglected and is a critical part of project management.

3.1 Taking the Highest Challenge in the Collaborative Process: Beeing the BIM leading Consultant by Claudio Vittori Antisari

In this class you will learn how to coordinate with others, and not only other teams but also other leaders, that you will need manage, negotiate with and even evaluate according to the client and project requirements. You will develop your critical thinking, problem solving and social skills as a lead BIM consultant, by the experience of the speaker.

3.2 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and BIM – What you should know by Martin Rock

The LCA gives you the necessary information about the environmental impact throughout all the life cycles of a building, allowing you to use your critical thinking and judgment skills to make improved decisions. You will learn how digital information can take a part on this process analysis and how you can reduce the environmental impact in each stage.

3.3 Data > Build – The Gantry project as a built example of pure data-driven-design and delivery by Jack Stewart

This is a class on an unprecedented building due to the way it was managed, designed and built, but also a story about collaboration, and unconventional, innovative and creative ways of working. A session i’m definitely looking forward to.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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