Test Driving Modular Door Families

Session 1.2 – Lab – Thursday 30th March

There are many different approaches to making doors and even more different types of door to represent. How do we keep things simple but flexible; user friendly but powerful?

Speaker Andy Milburn has taken a fresh look at this problem, developing a modular approach that allows intermediate level users to assemble and maintain a collection of doors for each project which can then be deployed and updated by end users with basic Revit skills.

In this session you will learn how Andy’s system works by assembling a variety of door configurations and placing them in an ordered collection. He will discuss how a collection files can help to maintain standards in large project teams with multiple linked files. The lab will take you through placing several doors in a project, run a schedule and discuss the pros and cons of this approach for complex projects where families may need to be updated several times by different team members. Andy’s system is flexible, open and free. Participate in this hands on lab and be part of the collaborative process to further develop this system and find better ways to manage door configurations and scheduling.

Andy Milburn is an Associate at Godwin Austen Johnson, Architects, with a special responsibility for BIM strategy & Revit implementation. He has had a varied career, abandoning architecture in his twenties to become a bricklayer. After spending 8 years as a builder and another 8 as an educator in newly independent Zimbabwe, he returned to architecture in his late thirties. For the past 25 years he has worked as an architect in Africa and the Middle East, taking a keen interest in the impact of computer technology on the profession.

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