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The RTC Committee for the North American Conference finalized the speaker selections and schedule for the 2015 conference in Washington, DC. That’s RTC Events Management Chairman (Chairperson?) Wes Benn holding court in the back of the room with Jim Balding and Steve Stafford. Look at all the post-it notes on the wall! That’s because Wes and Heidi Lam were stuck in Texas due to weather and didn’t arrive until Sunday afternoon. The rest of us dug in and got lots done so as not to disappoint!

By Sunday evening we had the sessions selected were ready to celebrate:

  • 300 submissions from
  • 75 speakers from
  • 95 companies from 
  • 12 countries for
  • 100 sessions across
  • 8 Tracks

A couple of highlights (and firsts):

We’ve selected 4 sessions to discuss real-world solutions to collaborating across broad geographies. Revit Server aside, the practical implementation of collaborative workflows remains a challenge. One session in particular will present their solution of using Amazon’s EC2 for hosting Revit Server on a very large and complex hospital clinic that required team members contribute to the same Revit project file from across North America.

This year’s conference will host an API track that is has been structured predominately as a lab. We believe that giving delegates a more hands on approach to the API will really help solve problems and automate workflow back at their offices.

And finally – guess who works for a structural engineer, is a frequent and sought out speaker but has yet to teach a class on structures?

Shock: Marcello Sgambelluri is going to teach a Revit Structures session (so I guess that cat’s out of the bag).

Speaker acceptance emails should go out by the end of March.

Early Bird Registration should kick off by early April.

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