That’s not an Abstract… This is an Abstract!


Can you believe it – that it’s almost that time again?  RTC Australasia 2015 on the Gold Coast has barely faded… we’re still holding on to that jet ski ride with white knuckle fists… we’re still wondering if Wes was meant to fall thru that deck chair at the gala dinner… and we’re about to open the abstract submission website for our 2016 event in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales!

We received some tremendous feedback from attendees about content for the coming 2016 event and the consistent message was you want “more” and “better”!  This is when we look back to you and ask for your input!  You more than anyone know of the problems in our industry today and many of you are either implementing unique solutions to solve them or at least know of people who are.  This is your opportunity to encourage your peers or take the plunge yourself and submit your best effort for consideration as a speaker at the 2016 RTC Australasian event.

I remember the first time I looked at submitting an abstract and admittedly was a bit overwhelmed.  As it transpired, the first time I “submitted” an abstract, someone in fact wrote it for me and told me it was a good idea that I submit it (and thankfully it was accepted!).  So in turn, this time last year, I had passed the favour on by writing an abstract for someone whom I had heard speak and thought that the broader audience of RTC Australasia should be given the chance to hear them.

Which ever way we do it, lets all endeavour to ensure that we see “more” and “better” at the RTC Australasia 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, New South Wales.  (Oh and of course a glorious gadgets segment that actually works!)

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