The Agenda is set and so is our Keynote: Smart Cities and Our Industry, Paul Doherty @ BILT Asia 2018.

It is an exciting week for BILT Asia 2018, 5-7 April, The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

We can finally announce the BILT Asia 2018 Keynote Presenter and let you know that the Agenda is set and online. (Hint: Select what classes you wish to attend, but hurry before they book out! )

However, there will be a seat for all attendees at the Day 1  Keynote Presentation, by Paul Doherty, The Digit Group, who will present:


Smart Cities and Our Industry

The emergence of Smart Cities has recently and rapidly captured the imagination of the world.  The collision of the Technology and Real Estate Industries is creating opportunities and hazards that we can only imagine today.   But what does a Smart City mean for you and your business?  Smart Cities is a term that defines the convergence of new government policies, emerging innovations and a rethinking of the design and construction of buildings in today’s urban environments.   The touch points of these three elements are creating meaningful, exciting and lucrative opportunities for all of us. Join us for an exploration of real world Smart Cities projects around the world that are challenging our traditional processes and expectations of acceptable practices, processes and deliverables.


About Paul Doherty

Paul is the President and CEO of the digit group and is one of the global industries most sought after thought leaders, strategists and integrators of process, technology and business.  A Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council, Paul is an award winning architect, author, educator, analyst and advisor to Fortune 500 organizations, global government agencies, prominent institutions and the most prestigious architectural, engineering and contracting firms in the world.   A pioneer in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and a former Fortune 500 corporate officer, Paul’s current work is focused on Smart City real estate developments that include financing, design-build and innovative technology solutions in the USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and China. Concurrently, Paul is the co-founder and producer of the critically acclaimed and popular AEC Hackathon ( that launched at Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley.


About The Digit Group (

From the tallest of buildings to the smallest of villages, The Digit Group (TDG) provides Smart Cities solutions that provide greater security, increased safety, lower energy use. more efficient water management, delightful transportation and a better urban experience.  TDG uses a matrix of services and innovations that can include Executive Project Management, Master Urban Planning Services, BIM Development/Management, Technology Development and the real world implementation of the Internet of Things.  We design, build and manufacture holistic Smart Cities while using Smart City technology solutions as the basis of our designs. Our Smart Cities solutions have been implemented in China, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe and throughout the USA.   We invite you to experience the Smart Cities phenomena by contacting the world’s Smart Cities experts at TDG, the leading Smart Cities solutions provider in the world today.


Don’t miss out on what is set to be a fantastic and inspirational BILT Asia 2018.

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