The BCS Conversation

We’re just a week away from the Building Content Summit (BCS) and everything is in place for another great gathering and conversation. The original concept of BCS was to put Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) in the same room with practitioners to learn how to better serve the industry. BCS attracts BIM Managers and other firm leaders who are willing to share and provide insights regarding how they work and how the content (both geometry and data) being supplied to them by manufacturers is actually used. I always learn something. One minute you think you understand everything and the next you meet someone who sheds new light on the topic. That’s what makes BCS a great event. The reality is this industry is complex. There are a lot of players and the design, construction and maintenance of our built environment requires massive amounts of information to flow.

Next week should be a great conversation. The thread across the two days will be two-fold:

  1. What information can we share to facilitate more transparency across the project life-cycle, and;
  2. Given that transparency of information, how can we serve each other more efficiently?

To help facilitate this conversation we have a great lineup of speakers and invited guests including: Don Henrich (President & CEO of Assemble Systems), Jeff Pinheiro (Regional VDC Manager at Turner Construction), Justin James (CEO of Reach Consulting), Jim Conger, (BIM/Specification Specialist at Dodge Data & Analytics), Russ Dalton (BIM Director at AECOM), and Patrick Morrissey (CMO at Altify). We’ll also host a series of small group workshops designed to dig deeper into many of the issues you face.

It’s not too late to join us! Registration is open at

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!  Safe travels.

Randall Stevens

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