BCS Welcomes BIMobject as Platinum Sponsor!


We’re excited to welcome BIMobject as the platinum sponsor for the Building Content Summit!  We are working on securing sponsors that embody the mission of the Summit and BIMobject certainly does this.

BIMobject provides manufacturers with a variety of product-based BIM content services.  These include the development, hosting, syndication and publication of quality BIM content.  The steady growth of BIMobject represents recent efforts by manufacturers worldwide to provide better tools for designers as the industry transitions to a more intelligent, data driven design process.

Many of the manufacturers who have registered for BCS have a global presence and are therefore faced with many diverse content challenges. The BCS community is working toward BIM content solutions that are not just unique to the US.   BIMobject with their global presence and innovative solutions complements this effort.

Thanks to BIMobject for your support!  We look forward to working with you!

It’s not too late to get involved!  You can learn more and register at http://rtcevents.com/bcs2015.  If you have an interest in sponsoring or getting more involved with the Building Content Summit (BCS) please contact Randall Stevens at randall.stevens@rtcevents.com.

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