The Building Content Summit is Coming to Europe in 2016

The Building Content Summit (BCS) inaugural event took place last year just before RTC North America. It was a resounding success. Building product manufacturers, software and service providers, content creators and BIM/Content/Design managers all came together to discuss BIM content, its standards, its sources, its pitfalls and its benefits. It was a great opportunity to learn from everyone who is part of this process.

And we didn’t want to stop there, or slow down, bringing it to Europe this year. So if you’re already planning to attend RTC Europe in Porto, here’s your chance to come in a day early and participate in helping improve the state of BIM-related content.

Registration will be open soon with a limited number of slots to be on the ground floor of this new event. If you’re a building product manufacturer or software/service provider it’s your chance to learn what’s driving your customer’s behavior and how you can improve your offerings.

If you would like to know more, start with this blog, reading our BCS related posts.



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