The COBieNATOR is coming to BILT ANZ 2018

Bond Bryan Digital’s Rob Jackson is making the long journey from the UK to present at this years’ BILT ANZ 2018 event in Brisbane. Rob is highly respected around the globe for his expertise in openBIM processes and workflows, and knowledge in delivering projects in line with UK BIM Standards and COBie. He is also a co-author with COBie creator Bill East on the Delivery of COBie in Graphisoft ARCHICAD. For those that have seen Rob’s previous presentations at RTC and ARCHICON, you know what you learn in his sessions alone are worth the investment in attending the conference.

Teaming up with Nathan Hildebrandt from Fulton Trotter Digital, the “OpenBIM Brothers” will be presenting a double lab and take attendees on a journey explaining buildingSMART concepts. They will break down the IFC schema into pieces and demonstrate where this data lives natively within ARCHICAD and how to create IFC compliant exports.

For those using ARCHICAD wanting to have a hands-on experience in a Lab environment creating compliant IFC exports this session is not to be missed. For those using other BIM authoring platforms the session will also be valuable as IFC schema concepts will be explained in a cross-platform nature.

While this class is a highlight we have much more for delegates interested in our ARCHICAD program.  Look out for further blog announcements to come with a detailed program for your BILT experience.

This double lab is a fantastic opportunity for any delegates interested in ARCHICAD and IFC to learn more and we are excited to welcome Rob to BILT ANZ! If you are yet to do so, Register Now!

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