BILT ANZ 2018 Vision 20/20 Competition: The Dangers of Technology

What do you think are the dangers of technology? Will we all be enslaved by robots of our own creation or shall we focus on the more mundane but humorous issues of pedestrians walking into lightpoles while texting?  We’d love to know what our BILT community think and here at BILT ANZ we thought this would be a great question for our new competition – Vision 20/20. So what is Vision 20/20?

The Vision 20/20 Competition, is a fast paced and fun look into the future, done live and judged by the BILT audience in real time. This competition is your chance to be a Futurist, presenting your ideas about where you think technology and our industry is going, or should go (or in the case of this topic – shouldn’t go!).

Three finalists will get a timeslot of 6 minutes & 40 seconds, with 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to talk (or be silent) .  The intention is to entertain, amuse, stun or possibly educate the whole of the BILT audience for a short few minutes – and all on a Saturday afternoon, when everyone is feeling all BILT out.

If you’ve been to BILT EUR you will have seen Vision 20/20 in action.  And the Aussies seem to be pretty good at it – so far Joe Banks and  Christopher Rossetto have both been winners of Vision 20/20 at BILT Europe.

To enter and share your vision of the future and the dangers of technology, all you have to do is submit a short abstract describing your talk, a video, audio file or even your full slide deck.  Its up to you how much work you put into the initial entry – but if you are selected as one of our 3 finalists you will need to prepare 20 slides set to run for 20 seconds each and your talk to accompany them.  Your initial abstract will be sent to the committee to choose a finalist anonymously, so it will be based purely on the content presented.

Entries are open to all attendees of BILT ANZ 2018 with the submission site open from next week on our website.  Entries must be submitted by Wednesday 18 April with finalists to be notified by Friday 4 May.  Finalists must be prepared to present their Vision 20/20 on Saturday 26 May at BILT ANZ in Brisbane.

If you make it to being a finalist – we promise you will get a prize.  2nd and 3rd prize are yet to be announced, however first prize will be attendance at any BILT event in 2019 along with 4 nights accommodation for the event (you just have to get yourself there!).  So if you’ve been thinking about checking out BILT Asia, Europe or North America – maybe this is your chance to do so!



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