The Design Technology Summit Innovation Group update

The Design Technology Summit is quickly filling it’s 40 invite-only seats. As you may know by now, this gathering of AEC technology and BIM leaders has three subgroups. We updated you on the collaboration and management groups and this is a quick look into what’s happening in the Innovation group.

Every firm mentions it in their mission statement; being innovative. It isn’t as easy it may seem, however. Researching leading design firms from the inside out, we’ve begun to identify key components of what makes them innovative and have asked tough questions about how they got there and the one answer that kept coming up was, in hindsight, a very simple one:

“We have a culture of innovation”

While we have identified the key trait to innovation, we continue to try to answer the question of,

How does a company properly foster a culture of innovation?

Taking some of what we have learned since the innovation group’s inception, our first major initiative, “The Innovation Project”, will be kicking off this summer at RTCNA and you’ll want to be sure you’re there to hear all about it!

Seats at the summit are filling up. Come and participate. If you would like an invite and become a member of the Design Technology Leaders Group please contact and include your name, e-mail, title, company, company size, address (optional), company website and a brief response on “why you belong at DTS”?

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