The Early Bird Saves $$$s

One of the topics commonly raised at BILT events are the challenges and barriers to adopting BIM.  Frequently appearing on this list is the planning required for using BIM – more thought needs to go into the process early to determine what standards are going to be used, how the project is being delivered and who does what.  Personally, as someone who has a mindset that likes to be organised and plan in advance, I’ve always seen this as a positive aspect of BIM and not a negative.  To me, using BIM has highlighted the lack of planning that often tends to plague traditional project delivery, and allowed (or forced!) my teams to address some of these issues.  By forward planning how it is that we will all work together as a team, we can all save time and money.  You can read more on this topic in an interview I did last year for Sourceable – its not about BIM, but it is about the project process and getting everyone in the team organised and involved early.

The other way you can save some time and money by being organised early is by registering now for BILT ANZ.  We still have a number of early bird places available (until February 8 or sold out).  You can save $300 on individual registration or $270 per person on the group rates.  The group rates represent amazing savings – so if you can get approval for a group of 5 colleagues to attend from your organisation you save thousands! So come to BILT ANZ and learn more about how you can address the challenges and barriers to adopting BIM or other new technologies in your organisation.


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