The Expectations of a Golden Ticket Recipient

Last week I had the honour of giving out a Golden Ticket for this year’s BILT Europe at BIMaarhus’ network meeting. The prize ceremony was the cherry on top of a 2-hour series of talks on information modelling within infrastructure. Being from the building industry myself; I always cherish the opportunity to learn perspectives from other parts of our digital built environment, and while the tools used for planning highways are slightly different from those used in the building industry; the processes are very much the same. I’d encourage all of you attending one of our events, to seek out sessions from speakers outside your ‘comfort zone’; there is always a lot of insights to be gained.

Anyways, back to the Golden Ticket, which gave the lucky winner free attendance to all 3 days of BILT Europe including all social functions. I quickly fired 5 questions to the lucky winner Flemming Graarup, who is going to be a first-time attendee :-).

Who are you – and what is your passion within the digital built environment?

I am an Architect with an earlier experience as a system engineer in a software company. I have always had a passion for BIM and the digital possibilities in architecture. The later years my merits have been around the large-scale healthcare projects in Denmark and Norway. The benefits of BIM had truly come through in these multi-discipline teams that develop full-scale hospitals. I am looking very much forward to participate in the BILT event this year with, in my perspective, has a very exciting program.

Is this the first of our conferences you are going to attend? If not, what did you take away from previous conferences – and what are you looking forward to.

This is my first conference I have only followed it on the distance and heard about the interesting topics from my colleague’s conference experiences.

Which 3 sessions are you most excited about and why?

  1. Get started with Revit API (Coding Content and Customisation, Architecture, General). I am aware that Mr. Anders With Kaas is a brilliant developer regarding Revit apps and I find it interesting to dig further into this area where even small apps can be a great benefit for the projects.
  2. The Future of Now: 4D Visualisation with Mixed Reality (Visualisation, Simulation and Analysis). I am looking forward experiencing the 4D visualisation step by step and how to get started. In this perspective, how can we give a closer idea of how our new projects will fit in and bring value to the surroundings.
  3. Archi-Graphics: Revit’s Best Kept Secret (Visualisation, Architecture, General). It is very exciting to see the efforts of OMA’s work visualised and presented with help of Revit alone and learn some useful ideas to follow this road.

If you were to submit for a class in the future – what would it be about?

It will then be about ‘the perfect circle; from sketching the early visions to tender with quantities, to the final construction – defined in an ‘as build’ model that will be used in the future of facility management. Including the benefits of dynamo in that perspective’.

For a lot of our community members; this will be the first time they are visiting Aarhus – what is THE one thing they should experience while in town?

THE one thing is the coziness along the ‘Aarhus Å’ where a strategy of opening up the stream, that has been covered for many years, has brought a whole new living to downtown Aarhus.

We are all looking forward to welcoming Flemming and the rest of you @ BILT Europe, October 5th-7th 2017 in Aarhus – and I look forward to receiving Flemming’s abstract for next year’s event :-).

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