The Flying PhD’s

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Technical Degrees, College Degrees, Graduate Degrees and even PhDs. You’re all smart enough to be using BIM and possibly even smarter by waiting for the last minute.

Looks like you may have lucked out by waiting to book flights and register for RTC Australia. Domestic and international flights have dropped significantly in price. Head over to Google Flights to get the latest on fares to OOL Gold Coast.

Check it out –  it’s more to fly from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast than from Perth. Heck – it’s cost less than $70 to fly one way from Sydney and $125 to fly from Melbourne.

But what’s this? Stop the propellers! Less than $150 to fly to Coopers Crossing! If that’s the case, I’d suggest skipping the direct flight and see if there’s a layover on the way back home. I hear the local publican Vic makes a mean Old Fashion and if you get roughed up by the locals – just ask for Nurse Jackie Crane.

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