The Golden Ticket

As a kid I remember the first book I ever read was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A quick run through of that book, Willy Wonka hid 5 golden tickets in the wrapping of different Wonka bars and the five lucky winners would get a chance to visit his chocolate factory. Charlie won the fifth golden ticket and got to see Willy Wonka’s factory. That one golden ticket had great importance in his life. It changed his life forever. Not only did he win the golden ticket, he also won Willy Wonka’s factory tour.

Keeping the metaphor alive, our event chairman for RTC Europe, Mr. Wesley Benn, is making his way to Porto, Portugal a month early as he has been invited to be one of the opening speakers ISEP’s BIM – Trends and Innovation (BIMTI). This is the BIM year in Portugal! Just a short month later on the 20th – 22nd October RTC Europe will be taking place at the Alfandega Congress Centre in Porto. If you happen to be attending BIMTI, you’ll hear what RTC is all about in particular reference to History, Highlights from past Events and RTC Europe 2016.

After his presentation, you’ll get a chance to mix and mingle with Wesley, himself. Here the metaphor begins. If you attend the event you will automatically be in the draw to win the one golden ticket to RTC Europe the following month. This ticket will cover your full registration to the conference.

All RTC conferences attract delegates from all corners of the world and RTC Europe is no different. This is YOUR chance to schmooze with peers in the same industry as you. It is your chance to learn and grow professionally. Charlie knew the value of his golden ticket, the question is, do you?

Whether we see you at BIMTI or at RTC Europe, we look forward to welcoming you to Porto.


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