The Icing On The Cake

I’m a big fan of cake – but I’m probably a bigger fan of icing.

However, I am not a fan of  boring conferences; where my mind will slowly, but surely, enter into a state of rapid mental decay and I start seeking comfort through Candy Crush – is that still a thing? (and I’m not implying that people playing Candy Crush are mentally decayed – okay?)

At the Building Content Summit (#BuildConSum) we consider our workshops our icing, and it comes in all kinds of delicious flavors and colors.  The workshops are designed to support networking and address the success factors of using, creating, and delivering BIM data and content that makes a difference throughout the project life-cycle.  As a participant, you get to participate in four invigorating workshops (two per day) .

Day 1 Tuesday – we have six tables with topics ranging from Content Library Systems to use of FM Systems to deliver content to users during the building life-cycle. The tables are hosted by industry experts to make sure the discussion is flowing and we are able to reach a conclusion that drives future results.


  • Now That I Have All of This Content – What in the Hell Do I Do with It? – Megan Green, Unifi Labs & Randall Stevens, ArchVision
  •  Facility Management Systems as Delivery Systems – Mads Bjerregaard, Region Midt.
  • Data Management during Design and Operation – Jette Stolberg, Niras
  • How people and organisations integrate the Professional Subject-Oriented Information and Data about objects in the Digital Process of a Project – Mikkel Andersen, EAL
  • What should we use the DIGITAL objects for? – Tom Frostgaard, EAL
  • Directshape – potential next step for model geometry? – Adam Sheather, AECOM


Day 2 Wednesday – we’ll dive into the deep end of Content with 7 interesting workshop tables. Topics will cover the automation of system design,  “big data” analytics of content usage through the balancing act of selecting what content to produce and a discussion on how much content is “enough” content. In addition, we’ll discuss the practicalities of standardised content, the importance of updating content and how to make the user aware of it.


  • Can MEP application design and optimization be ‘automated’ – and when would you use it? – Marcus Fich, Grundfos
  • How to Visualise the “I” in BIM? – Megan Green, Unifi Labs
  • Walking the BIM Tightrope as a BPM – Ville Kyytsönen, Uponor
  • What Content Do I Need? (all of It); When Do I Need It? (right now!) – Nicholas Petitmaire, 3Dbyggeri
  • The Standard Is a Lie.  What Do Users Actually Have to Go Through to Convert Content to Work with Their Office & Client Standards? – Paul Woddy, Whitefrog
  • Your Product and Content Have Updated.  Does the User Know? – Randall Stevens, ArchVision
  • Data Management across BIM using Autodesk Forge and PowerBI – Lars Kanneworff, NTI CADcenter


More information can be found in the BCS programme and about the speakers. We think that these workshops are the “pointy end” of this summit and encourage everyone to attend them with open minds!


By the way: We have 5 Discounted Registrations to give to the next 5 people who register, so get in quickly. Click here!  (€645.00 for BCS registrations and €625.00 for BILT + BCS add on registrations).


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