The Importance of Revit Certification

Revit Math

I know a guy who got a great BIM job offer in a foreign country. Excellent company, salary, benefits. It was perfect for him. There was just one snag, the government of the foreign country wasn’t willing to give him a work permit for the job. Despite his years of professional experience, they didn’t believe he had the adequate credentials to do the work.

He was shocked. His Wife and babies were crying, thinking their future was ruined. The walls were closing in around him… When suddenly! Wait! He remembered that a few years back he had taken the Revit Certified Professional Exam at AU! He dug up the records and sent them to the immigration officials who quickly reversed their decision! He got his work permit and was clear to take on a great new BIM position! THE DAY WAS SAVED BECAUSE HE HAD ACED THE REVIT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL EXAM!

It just so happens that this exam is going to be available, FOR FREE, to the first 150 attendees who sign up for RTC ASIA 2015 in Singapore. The exam itself costs like $500 to take from a reseller. But at this event, IT IS FREE! Thanks to CADLearning and Lenovo.

Certification Preparation Material is provided in your post registration email as well as CADLearning’s very special link to access your 30 day trial of the CADLearning material prior to RTC Asia 2015.

Register now!  Only 150 slots available and registration is filling fast!


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