The Magic BIM Scorecard!

Measuring BIM????

Sometimes it comes from “BIM consultants”, sometimes it comes from middle managers, but it happens to all of us at some point.  We get pushed towards “measuring” BIM and the impulse to create a scorecard arises.

My experience with this reaction is:

  • If it’s from a consultant, they are trying to justify their expense.
  • If it’s from a middle manager, they are trying to cover their ass while making themselves look “managerial”.

What launches my tirade is that I received a solicitation email the other day from a BIM Management/consulting organization touting the benefits of BIM.  They would provide us a report on our project including:

  • Measuring models for LOD & LOI
  • Comparing 2D drawings to submitted models to check design alignment
  • Automated clash detection from Navisworks.

And that by compiling all this information into a handy spreadsheet, and tracking it over the life of the job, we could get a great picture of the BIM health and its impact on our project.


There is a road to BIM nirvana and I know it is not paved in BIM Scorecards.

It’s paved in screen grabs.  Its masons are modellers like you and I, committed to the building & reviewing models, extracting every bit of useful information we can, and sharing it with anyone who will listen.

You wanna know how well your company is doing BIM-wise?  Measure your own commitment to integration.  How many high level modellers do you have?  How much support are they given to interface with the design or construction team?  How engaged are they in the process?

Consultants never actually engage in a process.  They point at things that are broken and then leave.  Middle managers?  I don’t really know what those jokers do.

My mantra has always been, if you want to do BIM, get a computer and some software, find an interested staff, give them the design drawings and some management support…then watch the magic happens.  Everything else is posing.

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