The Next Must Have BIM Plugin Software. You Won’t Believe What it Does!

As an AEC industry professional you know of and have experience with at least one of the primary BIM authoring tools such as Revit, ARCHICAD, Vectorworks, or Bentley. We look to these tools because they are better than what came before. BIM is currently the predominant project delivery method and foundation of the future of our rapidly changing industry. But there is opportunity to make your design and documentation process more efficient.

The title of this post is purposely misrepresenting to highlight the unbridled optimism that you, fair reader, have for finding another way to enhance your project delivery. And that’s one of your roles as a design-technology leader, whether or not you are technically titled as such. You identify and evaluate new methods and tools, advocate for their use in your firm or project, implement them across your firm, and perhaps even lead the development of custom tools in your firm. You are the innovator, the optimist, the futurist, the go-getter. And your role is an important one to C-level Executives.


The rate of change and introduction of new tools in the industry is currently much more rapid than it was 30 years ago. New tools, services, interoperabilities and resulting efficiencies are appearing and growing quickly and, thanks to social media, quickly finding a foothold in the industry. Tools with sometimes huge benefits are literally popping up on the Internet and at conferences at an amazing rate. Knowledgeable, experienced and technically savvy leaders are needed in AEC firms to help filter through sensational claims such as the title of this post, to keep technically-related lost opportunity costs minimized, to help firms remain competitive, and foster improvements in the industry. Firms without a leader such as yourself, can’t keep up. But how do you keep up with it?

The role of the design technology leader and its challenges is just one of the topics discussed in the Design Technology Summit. Technology Management, Trends, Innovations, Collaboration, and most importantly the challenges our firms are facing are up for discussion at the Summit. Come and learn about what  design technology tactic worked for some colleagues and what didn’t. Talk about industry issues. Participate in the discussion with like-minded industry professionals from firms from across the country on July 12 & 13th.

Controversial BIM tool sweeps the US Architecture industry


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