The Olympics of Design Technology

As I sit and watch the 2016 Olympics (track & field tonight) I was inspired to write on a topic that has been at the back of my head of late. After attending RTC NA 2016 (and AU 2015) it has occurred to me that the team I’m part of is not always (in fact most of the time) working on the “coolest” stuff or the “latest” technology. Instead more often than not we are dealing with “everyday things”. To me it’s the strategy for us. As a company that grows by acquisition we are constantly faced with attempting to incorporate the best of what the company we have purchased has to offer, while getting them up to speed on the way we do things. This means that in the last three years where our team has really come into focus, we have not spent time attempting to be the flashiest, or “cool kids” on the block (the 100m runners as it were, no offense to Usain Bolt) rather we are running a marathon, spending time investing in and even building tools that help to shape our collective long term vision of a company that can work together collectively and improve our community of professionals and how we achieve our goals together.

So; the interesting question then, is which is better? Flashy result in AU & RTC presentations today, slow and steady lays the ground to be flashier in the future (I think). Does slow and steady offer other advantages? I think so, it may not be as sexy, but we’re also solving fundamental problems that will hopefully benefit all of our teams and projects, not just the top 10%. It’s also not that we don’t get to present at RTC or AU, it’s simply that our topics may not be quite as popular and not nearly as sexy (but we’ve gotten really good at humorous clip-art in our PowerPoints…).

What are your thoughts? #RTCDTS #DTSOlympics

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