The Road Less Traveled: BIM for Infrastructure

As we know BIM is synonymous with Building design or ‘vertical’ elements. For the last few years BIM has been more formally recognised for use in infrastructure projects or horizontal elements, mainly transport orientated. Think Cross River Rail in the UK.

For those of you out there working on the myriad of large infrastructure projects that are going on around Australia and New Zealand….consider developing an abstract to present at RTC. This is your chance to showcase what you and your colleagues are up to in this space.

Governments around Australia and New Zealand are investing funds in these large mega projects. Some of these are to be delivered with BIM principles some without. This is your chance to share and be seen as leaders in the field of BIM for infrastructure. Not only to promote yourself but to to help promote BIM within the infrastructure project community.

Talk to your client who may want to promote their innovation on applying BIM principles to infrastructure projects. Consider even co presenting with your client, both to share amongst the wider community but to also be exposed to and learn from the many other sessions that will be on offer at RTC.

Are BIM principles different for infrastructure projects? What other innovations spring up when working on infrastructure? Do you have differing model management workflows when working with kilometres of rail track or services?

So Australia and New Zealand….here is your chance to demonstrate your own ‘Cross River Rail’ exemplar project.

Remember abstracts close on Friday 7 October 2016 (AEST 11:59pm)

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