The ROI of BILTna

Going to BILTna is a substantial investment made by your firm. So if you want to come back next year in St. Louis you must have a plan to return on the investment made this year. Here’s your three point plan path to success:

1. Within a few days, send your partners and principals an Executive Brief. It should fit on one side of one letter/A4 sized piece of paper. It must be very concise. It should contain the following and probably nothing more. If leadership wants to know more – they’ll ask.
– Outline main takeaways from conference
– Summarize in terms of how it relates to your firm
– A list and indication of which items are of most importance

2. Within a week, organize a meeting below Partners and Principals. Call it something like, “Leadership Technology: Update and Strategy”. This is for leadership and project management (not C-Level – you’ve already sent them the Executive Brief). Set aside 30 minutes but plan for 45. No more than 10 slides.
– Focus on leadership with influence that have a stake in Revit/relevant projects
– Indicate that they are essential to planning the next steps
– Give real-world examples from BILTna that communicate how other firms are using technology to win work and increase profitability.

3. Within a month of returning from BILT, set up a regular lunch and learn (2 per month) and present detailed highlights of what you learned that helps your teams improve day to day workflows. Keep it light and follow up on deep technicals as needed. Block out 45 minutes but plan for an hour. If something resonates with a few people – don’t go into the weeds and bore the rest of the room. Schedule a deeper technical dive training session. 30 slides for 30 minutes tops.
– Top 10: Tips and Tricks
– New tools technologies
– Technology futures and what’s around the corner

Here’s the math:

  • Suppose BILT is a $4k investment
  • Your company wants to return 10:1 on investments
  • Result: You need to generate $40k in revenue to pay for BILT

How to generate $40k in revenue?

  • 20 Lunch and Learns w 10 staff that bill at $100/hr
  • Present Tip/Trick/Best Practices that save each person 1hr/week
  • 10 (staff) x 100($/hr) x 50(weeks/yr) = $50k

Congrats – you’ve hit your number – the ROI + $10k left over. So the next time someone asks why you should attend BILT, the answer is that if you don’t go, your firm is losing money. Easy math.

BILT is either an expense or an investment. If your company doesn’t get the money back – it can be a significant expense. But if the money invested attending BILT improves workflow and time to market well beyond the cost of attending, then it’s a valuable investment. Returning on the investment means you’re communicating that you’re in tune with your firms leadership and business goals.

One more thing™: if you didn’t get to attend this year – the above three point plan is a good starting point to pitch to your leadership why you should go. It’s your commitment as to what you’re going to deliver for attending next year. “In return for attending BILTna, I will do the following…”

Get to work! :) See you in St. Louis!

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