The Top 10 Are…


Let’s face it, as valuable a conference as RTC is, it would not be nearly as compelling without quality speakers and sessions to attend. “Speaking” as a long-time presenter, I well know just how much effort and time is spent on preparing a great class. There are many parts that go into a great presentation. The handout takes a lot of time to prepare. Polishing the presentation usually takes several passes thru the material.

But all of that pales in comparison to the speakers themselves. The best handout in the world might go unread if the speaker cannot engage the audience. When you are motivated by the speaker to desire to learn more about the subject then all that time and effort spent by the speaker was well worth it.

Without further ado, the results are in. We can announce the top 10 speakers of RTC North America 2015!

Tied for 9th: Bill Debevc and Doug Williams
8th: Beau Turner
Tied for 6th: Paul Aubin and Richard Taylor
5th: Brandon Garrett
Tied for 3rd: Don Bokmiller and Steven Shell
2nd: Brian Mackey
1st: Marcello Sgambelluri

So let’s give all the Top 10 RTC North America speakers a virtual applause! You know – shout outs on Twitter, Likes on Facebook – that sort of thing! And thanks to all the speakers from this year’s conference in DC. We hope you all had a wonderful time and are already thinking about what you hope to speak about next year.

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