The Why’s and What’s of shaping a valuable BILT Europe programme

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After 3 ½ days of committee conclave back in February of which the program left us sleep deprived and in high demand for coffee (not joking it was 67!), the BILT EUR committee proudly announces the birth of another iron clad and rock-solid program, intended for you to get the maximum out of an intense 3 full day learning experience!

We aimed to build a program that reflects the vision and mission of BILT as a conference and addresses a broad spectrum of key learning objectives relevant to us as a community to be able to collaborate more efficiently and to increase our productivity.

Looking back at all the valuable submissions that we received for this year’s BILT, we found a number of key points that stand out for our European BILT that we tried to incorporate into the program in the best way possible:

First and foremost, the sheer amount of tools and platforms utilized to produce a working Building Information Model in the realm of European business is staggering – there is a diverse ecosystem of technologies and workflows that need to be funneled together for a working model.

Secondly, the variety of use-cases where the mindset of integrated project delivery by utilizing BIM presented in the abstract submissions we received this year clearly shows us that – at least in our region– the value of those workflows and technologies we have been preaching over the last couple of years now gets recognized all over the industry.

Thirdly, by the nature of things – the European continent is diverse – and so are its mandates, work practices, local customs etc. This means that we see a stark difference between the penetrations of BIM in different European regions.

Those three points stated above formed a challenge while building the program – especially this year where – by common understanding in the field – we see a watershed: some call it stagnation by the sighs read, some call it a landslide at the same time looking at the eagerness to change traditional processes and the abundance of tools showing up around us.

As per today it is safe to say that there is no excuse anymore not to use BIM. The tools are there and compared to paper and ink they are even more affordable than miles of tracing paper.

The concepts and techniques are intuitive enough to be understood with manageable training effort for staff and contributors.

What is required is the willingness to change, collaborate, be transparent and work together to achieve a common goal which – in most cases covered here – is a piece of built reality that in all aspects functions better than anything we did before.

All these thoughts went into the decision making process when we started to put the program into shape.

Subsequently, during the course of shaping the program we’ve discovered that many of you created extremely useful processes utilizing multi-platform approaches in your projects. We do look forward to all the case studies, BIM Management and Open BIM classes. Literally, it even makes us fight at Back of House who gets the leeway to attend which classes and have somebody else to cover that specific task that we normally do – so choice is not easy for ourselves!

As you can read, we are extremely excited about our program and our speakers and hope this reflects upon you too since……. REGISTRATION is now OPEN!

Register today and secure one of the limited tickets to our conference on Early-Bird discount rate!

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