There’s Still Time!

So if you live anywhere near DC (that’s you New York, Boston, Baltimore, etc.) or even in DC – there’s still time to register and attend RTC North America. If you live in DC, the conference hotel is the Crystal Gateway Marriott; practically on top of the Crystal City Metro station. Very easy daily commute.

If you’re from one of the regional cities and planning to fly, try to pick DCA. There’s a free shuttle from DCA to the conference hotel – otherwise it’s around $80 from IAD / Dulles. Or better yet – take the train. Then Union Station to metro. However, the conference hotel (and spillover hotel) are now full. Try to book a hotel nearby or at least one that has easy access to the Crystal City Metro station.

The picture at the top of the page? That the after function hang out just off the main lobby. It’ll be open for RTC delegates only and we tried to get the name of the lounge changed to BIM 1700 but doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Unless someone has some 12” tall Helvitica Bold letters laying about the office?

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