Thinking Small

If you’ve been keeping up with the Tiny House movement, you should be keeping up with the blogger, speaker, designer and Revit / BIM aficionado Sean Burke. I had the pleasure of working with Sean in the consulting group at Autodesk for many years. Since we first met he’s given up meat (but not good food) and still enjoys great beer! So it seems our Venn Diagrams of life still overlap.

Sean unfortunately wasn’t able to attend RTC a few weeks ago in Scottsdale, but he did fly in for the FormIt workshop. Sean’s been deeply involved with FormIt from early on and put the technology to the test with repeated design concepts that ended up getting the attention of Autodesk. His efforts were ultimately highlighted in an Autodesk FormIt marketing video.

Sean presently lives in Seattle and works as Digital Practice Leader for NBBJ. He’s been working on the design and construction of his own Tiny House for the last few years and been kind enough to share the realities of his adventure on his blog, “Unboxed House“.

Sean’s holistic approach to being a “Tinyist” is more than just limiting yourself to a certain design palette of scale. It’s about meaningfully living within one’s means and embracing relationships before material possessions.


Sean was even a contributing author to forthcoming book “Turning Tiny“, which is described as:

Over sixty celebrants and leaders of the Tiny House Movement have come together to embody the spirit of human scale living in one amazing book. Turning Tiny, a collection of stories from some of the most renowned tiny house thought leaders and luminaries.

So forget about American politics for a change and check out Sean’s website, book, Twitter and Instagram accounts. His posts are typically full of optimism and hope that is wonderfully refreshing.

Keep up the great work Sean!

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