Registration for the 2016 North American conference is about 18 weeks long. 4 weeks later and we’re at 300 registrants! As previously mentioned we’re holding this year’s registration to 650 delegates. So please register soon to attend this years event. But also, keep in mind that we’re holding multiple events the week of RTC. The other events are BCS, DTS and Data Day. You can check them all out over here.

If you’re a potential exhibitor or sponsor, the Exhibition hall is nearly full. As you can see from the floor plan below, of 42 booths, only 3 remain available. To learn more about exhibiting and sponsoring RTC North America please reach out to Jim Balding ASAP.  Or head over here.

RTC 2016 Conference Floor Plans - Floor Plan - 02-2 RTC NA - EXHIBITION

One more thing? If you’re **not** in the mood for a nice bit of light reading I’d strongly recommend “Gates of Fire” by Steven Pressfield (per the image above). Pressfield has also written a number of books more directly about business leadership and work ethic.

In the meantime – register today!

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