Three Weeks from Today

Three weeks from today, many of you will be waking up on a Sunday morning at RTC in North America. I say “many of you”,  because as we know some of you choose not to sleep :) After a bit of breakfast and packing you’ll head off to the airport and onward home.

On the other hand, the RTC North American committee starts meeting at 9 AM in the committee room. We’ll spend the day recapping the entire event in detail: what was great, what was not so great and where there is room for improvement. We prefer to have this meeting the morning following the event, while all the details and subtleties are fresh in our minds.

While we all enjoy what we do as part of the North American committee, we don’t take it lightly. Being part of RTC is a real honor and we work very hard to make each event better than last. We understand that RTC is an investment and you – our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors – must make a profitable return on your investment.

  • What did you learn that you’ll share back at the office?
  • Who did you meet that is your next business partner?
  • Where is your business headed and how did RTC help?

Our attendees, speakers and sponsors are global leaders in software, hardware and thought leadership. And we’re incredibly fortunate to have you all as part of the RTC community.

When you wake up Sunday morning and rub the sleep from your eyes – please know that we’re already working on improving next year’s event. So please feel free to drop by the committee room and say “thanks” on your way to the airport.

Just don’t be surprised if you’re asked to make a coffee run! :)

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