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Eight registration weeks down and eight more to go and the #RTCNA conference has officially tipped past 350 registrants. How many registrants will end up in DC? 500? 600? 700?

The number isn’t important. It’s about customer experience. In other words, it’s less about the crowds and more about the lines. And RTC is about minimizing the lines.

What kind of lines?

The lines between you and the respected business/Revit/technology expert that will be attending RTC along side you. At RTC you’ll have ample opportunity for well-considered conversations among friends. We’re all trying to solve the same kinds of problems and share solutions while helping each other steer clear of hazards that cost us time, money and respect.

Or the lines between you and a thoughtful discussion with an exhibitor and sponsor – not a hit and run hard sell. RTC makes a point of keeping the doors to the exhibit halls open during sessions. RTC exhibitors welcome the kind of in-depth questions that have a real-world impact on the bottom line of your business. They understand that your purchase is an investment in future revenue and every successful customer is critical to their success.

And finally, RTC is about minimizing the lines between you and the dozens of industry experts that will be speaking at RTC. Not everyone feels comfortable asking a question surrounded by an audience (we’ve all been there!). So when this happens don’t stress. Wait until the dust has settled and approach the speaker for a quiet one-on-one discussion – whether in the halls of the conference area or during one of many evening functions. Expect your conversation to highlight the very best of many possible solutions depending on the context of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Never underestimate the value of a great solution compared to the costly expense of ambiguous and stressful workflow multiplied across teams and projects. RTC is all about removing the lines between you and the barriers to your success.

And that’s what a great customer experience is all about.

Register today!

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