Tips n Tricks- RTCAUS13- Filling in edges of Divided Surfaces!

Today’s Tip/Trick will be dear to anyone working to learn some of the advanced features of the Conceptual Massing Editor. In his class “Fractal Fun with Revit Repeaters,” Tim Waldock kicked off with Adaptive Components, and some of the great use cases for them. After starting us off with some simple Adaptive Component Creation, he introduced us to the basics of Repeaters: Making Adaptive Components repeat along a Divided Path, or a Divided Surface. There were many great use cases demonstrated: Making Railings that could follow terrain, making decorative pieces, and so on.

Then he began showing us Repeaters on a Divided Surface, where the shape of the mass was not a regular repetition of the pattern shape. If you have tried to use a Repeater on a Rectangular Patterned Divided Surface, you know (or will discover) that Revit will simply “leave out” the panels that need to be trimmed off, at the perimeter.

Well, Mr. Waldock showed us a gem of a tip:

    If you use a Nested Two-Way Repeater (in the adaptive component), and then repeat THAT on the Divided Surface, the nested repeaters will fill in the perimeter and properly trim themselves to the form.



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