Tips n Tricks- RTCAUS13- Multiple Railings per Railing

Todays Tip comes to us from RTCAUS 2013, from Chris Price’s session on Revit Railings.  While demonstrating the pwer of some of the recent additions to Revit Railings, Chris points out that even with the newer functionality of the last few releases, you can get better control of baluster placement along your railing, if you use a seperate “revit railing” for the Balusters and the Rails themselves.  This allows you to control the spacing and placement of individual baluster types, without having to define a massive baluster repeating panel for the entire railing assembly.




Expanding on Chris’ Tip, sometimes i use a “Revit Railing” for each different type of baluster, or for each individual run of the “real railing balusters,” that way you can have each run have different baluster panel sizes and spacing, to achieve the “equal spacing” that the designers often want.  Can you tell how many “Revit Railings” are present in the following image?LinedUp


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