Tips n Tricks- RTCAUS13- Nest Generic Annotations for Immediate Feedback!

Today’s Tip/Trick from the Revit Technology Conference comes to us from Nuno do Vale, in a sessions called “Generic Model (Mass) Families for Conceptual Design.” This session looked at using parametric Mass/Generic-Model families for conceptual design and blocks/layouts, within Revit. Of course, many of these families were parametric in nature, with the ability to change the dimensions of the “blocks” while fleshing out the design. During the class, Nuno points out:

“Include Nested Generic Annotations in Conceptual Massing Parametric Families, to provide immediate feedback about the design.”

This is one tip i enjoy on all kinds of families (Line Based, families with arrays that i want to display Counts of objects), but its an extremely elegant solution for working with masses and not having to constantly move to the properties palette or a schedule to get data on Program Size:Tips-RTC-NestedGA1

Nest (and constrain) a Generic Annotation Family with a Label in it (or multiple) in to the Mass or Generic Model Family. Then select the GA, and in the Properties Palette (errr… um… The Family Types and Parameters button), click the Grey Pill button that lets you select a parameter from the Mass or GM family, to drive the label in the Annotation Family. Multiple Parameters in the GA mean you can connect it to multiple parameters in the Mass.  This means that while editing Widths and Lengths parameters, you can get instant feedback on Areas and Differences, while resizing the objects in real time!

A great way to get the data in the Presentation Format, without having to bring the schedules in as well.

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