Tips n Tricks- RTCAUS13- Turn a Revit Ribbon Fail in to a WIN

Todays Tip/Trick from RTC Australasia 2013 comes to us from Nicholas Broadbent, in session 984. Nicholas explains how to turn to a Revit-Ribbon-Disappearing-Act in to a salvaged work session, without having to suffer the fate of losing your work.  There are times where you go in to a Context Editing Mode, which has the Finish and Cancel buttons floating in the View Window, and not docked in the Ribbon itself.  At times, when Group Edit Mode or Floor Sketch Edit Mode (and the like) are launched, the Context Finish and Cancel Ribbon will simply fail to show up!  Now you are in an editing mode, with no way to get out of it besides hitting Edit > Undo until all the way before you went in the Edit Mode.

In his genius tip, Nicholas explains that you can get around this temporary dilemma by going in to your Keyboard Shortcuts, and searching for Edit Mode.  Here, it will list all of the different Contextual “Cancel” and “Finish” Commands. 

If you Keyboard shortcut all of them (another tip:  As he shows here, use the same Shortcut for all of them), you can then use that keyboard shortcut to Cancel OR Finish your group.  Then you can Synchronize With Central, and save your work!

 Tips-RTC-Ribbon Fail

This is especially relevant right now, if you are deploying 2014 and are still actively using 2012 and 2013 in your offices.  If you install 2014, it installs .net4.5.  If your Revit 2012 doesn’t include Hotfix 3, and if your Revit 2013 doesn’t include Web Update 2, your ribbons will not act appropriately.  Particularly- If you go in to a Floor/Ceiling/Roof sketch, there will not be a way out!  Use Nicholas’ workaround, SWC, then close Revit and install the update!

(If you haven’t installed 2014 or .net4.5, you may need to search out UIState.dat in your user appdata folder, and delete it, to resolve the issue.  But warning:  That will reset your Revit UI!)

Nicholas- My users thank you very much.  Ive used this tip no less than 5 times this week!

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