To Speak or not to Speak

With planning for BILT Europe 2019 now underway, we come to that time of the year where we ask our community to submit their ideas and comments to help us shape what we believe is going to be a truly amazing event! The 2019 event will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland between 10 – 12 October and one way to be part of it is to submit an abstract to speak. If selected, not only you will become part of the notorious group of speakers, you will also receive free access to the whole 3 days event! 

  1. What is BILT Europe

    BILT Europe is a highly regarded annual event focusing on the use of BIM, technology and digital information in the AECO industry. This event provides unrivaled access to decision makers on some of the main AECO companies and provides a networking environment between top experts in the field.

    BILT is an educational event, with classes, content and knowledge shared and provided by international renowned professionals. It is set as a milestone for many companies and professionals to improve their expertise and connect with new and already known talented professionals.

  2. What will I be submitting for?

    We don’t have theoretical and superficial talks at BILT, nor sales pitches. We have real classes, with clear learning content and with a minimum duration of 75 minutes to make sure you go into detail in the topic you are going to teach. 

    At these classes you should teach how you are using digital information and digital technologies to improve your work as an architect, engineer, contractor, manufacturer, facilities manager or any other professional involved in this industry. You don’t have to be a technology or programming expert, but if you are, please come along as well as there is a place for you in our agenda. 

    You can choose from a broad different type of classes: 

    Presentation/Lecture – Speaker(s) present from the front of the room, usually accompanied by audio-visual. These types of sessions range from ‘how to’ through to real project case studies. Session size ranges from 20 – 100 delegates. 

    Lab – Delegates learn from the speaker using step-by-step live learning experiences, whilst sitting at a computer. There may also be provision for a small gallery of additional delegates that bring their own laptops to follow the lab. Session size would typically range from 20 – 40 delegates. 

    Facilitated Panel – A selected group of people gathering to discuss, debate or present a topic or a variety of topics in front of an audience. 

    Workshop – Delegates engage in an intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project, which is submitted via the abstract process. The speaker acts as a facilitator for the session. 

    Roundtable – A maximum of 24 delegates take part in an intimate discussion or activity, in a U-Shape (or similar) layout within a private room. Participants discuss a particular topic or topics, of which is submitted by the speaker. The speaker acts as a moderator for the session. 

  3. What are the key benefits of speaking at BILT?

    For BILT: 

    The committee have been working during the past few years to make this event broader and open to more solutions and professionals. Our aim is to ensure that everyone related to the industry has a place at our conference and will find someone to connect with and learn from. We believe that by creating this synergy together we can improve the collaboration through the complete life-cycle.  

    This year, we have 2 key goals: Introduce to you a range of software solutions that are best for your field of work and teach you how to use them; have more contractor and facilities/asset management related classes. We want to everyone in the building life-cycle to be able to collaborate together more efficiently by showing what each discipline’s needs and expectations are. 

    For you: 

    You can check this blog post from a frequent speaker at BILT events, Marcello Sgambelluri. 

    Networking and showing your value and expertise are two of the most significant benefits of speaking at BILT Europe. You will be part of a community that is keen to share and help, and you will always have someone that you can reach for support if you’re stuck on something others may know best. We learn and grow together.  

    For your company: 

    You will have an exposure to the market that will last. Our handouts and presentations are collected as true guides and manuals, and your company will always be associated with them. It’s also a perfect way to reach more than one market as this is the most multicultural conference you will find, and with that, not only you will get potential references for new clients, but also an insight of the state of the industry in other countries. 

  4. Where can I submit?

    For more information on how to submit click here 

    Submitting an abstract is your way to get into the agenda selection. You don’t need to give us a detailed explanation of the work you developed and want to teach. It should be a one pager with a description of what the delegates will learn through your class, highlighting the main learning objectives.  

    Important dates: 

    Call for Abstracts Open: Monday 3 December 2018 

    Submission Deadline: Tuesday 29 January 2019, 11:59pm GMT 

    Notification of Acceptance: February 2019

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