Top 10 from BILT Europe 2018

Now for the moment many of you have been waiting for! It gives us great pleasure to announce the list of top 10 speakers and sessions as decided by you, the audience. We’d like to send a big thank you to all our speakers for all the time, effort and dedication they put into their sessions this year. The quality of sessions were incredibly high as reflecting in the scores with this year only 0.32 between our number 1 and number 10 session. Without further ado we present our top 10 speakers for this year’s BILT Europe.

10. Mariam Osman “Machine Learning, TensorFlow and Dynamo”

9. Harvard Vasshaug “Connecting parametric design and BIM through Grasshopper, Excel and Dynamo”

8. Thomas Corrie “An Architects Bookshelf – Using Dynamo to Optimize a Library”

7. Frederic Beaupere “kickstart Revit_Python”

6. Dan Chasteen & David Sewell “Cloudstation or Workstation?”

5. Kelly Cone “Taking Control: Verifying As-Built Conditions with Reality Capture”

4. Tony Woods “Innovation through 3D BIM in prefabricated Rebar solutions”

3. Jostein Berger Olsen “Computational Thinking in Infrastructure Projects: Why, What and How”

2. Daniel Stine “A Multi-Disciplinary Design Firm’s Journey to Embrace Early Stage Energy Analysis”

AND in Number one, we have:

1. Maarten van den Berg “Reverse engineering for tunnel refurbishment with AutoCAD Civil 3D, Dynamo, Revit & Unity”

We will be opening our abstract submissions for next year’s BILT Europe in Edinburgh at the beginning of December, so if you’re feeling inspired after the event and have a killer idea, make sure you start thinking now!


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