Top 10 from BILT NA 2018

Now for the moment many of you have been waiting for! It gives us great pleasure to announce the list of top 10 speakers and sessions as decided by you, the audience. We’d like to send a big thank you to all our speakers for all the time, effort and dedication they put into their sessions this year. The quality of sessions were incredibly high as reflecting in the scores with this year only .174 between our number 1 and number 10 session. Without further ado we present our top 10 speakers for this year’s BILT NA.

10. Brian Mackey “How to Ensure Revit Family Stability”

9. Kelly Cone “Channeling Einstein: A General Theory of Implementation”

8. Sash Kazeminejad “Revit Phasing from A to Z”

7. Sarah Causey “Roundtable: Implementing R&D in Your Firm, a Brainstorming Session”

6. Chris Lindo “REVUing 3D PDFs: Generating and Working with 3D PDFs”

5. Paul Aubin “Back to Reality: From Scan to Model to VR”

4. Jason Boehning “Lab: MEP Analytics with Dynamo”

3. Carl Storms “Navisworks: Not the Only Name in the Clash Detection Game”

2. John Pierson “Lab: Awesome Methods to Make Your Families Stretch and Flex”

AND in Number one, we have:

1. Marcello  Sgambelluri “Roundtable: Drafters or Engineers? Structural Revit Model or Analytical Model? Who Should Model What?”

An honorable mention goes to Ben Glunz for his session “Don’t Get Walled In by System Families” who also scored highly with the BILT NA audience!

We’d also like to give an extra shout out to Marcello Sgambelluri and John Pierson, both of whom had a second class in the top ten, but the ones we have listed here are their top scoring class – so extra well done!


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