Updated RTC App

The RTC Events 2015 App is out, updated and actually pretty cool for an app that doesn’t make fart noises or take pictures of your food. Ready to download?

The link to the app for iOS is over here.


The link to the app for Android is over here:


Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, the first thing you’ll want to do is register with your favorite social media (left image): LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Once you register you’ll be asked to confirm your account via email.

App Screens

Next (middle image), you’ll want to login to your event with your registration code and email or registration name.

Once you’ve entered your registration code, you’ll be able to access the event schedule, exhibitor list and other features shown in the image on the right. The schedule feature allows you to tag sessions for quick retrieval – pretty cool!

We hope you’ll download and find that using the app improves your experience at RTC and helps you more readily connect with your peers.

And if you find any bugs or have enhancement requests please drop a line.

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