VisDay Thoughts

Our first ever VisDay, a day for the visualisation industry and experts, has been and gone over at sunny Wollongong, Australia (May 2012). We had a fantastic line up of both local and international speakers and akin to the established Revit focused RTC events we delivered this in an intimate environment where you can meet these experts face to face and continue the discussion over lunch. This intimacy should not be underestimated. The educational presentations were excellent but the ongoing discussions and the connections you make both help create and nurture a sense of a community. This is our broader purpose and we believe that VisDay helps us all make this happen.

There was much discussion throughout the day (and again at the wrap up session) about the state of the industry, the evolution of technology and how to improve our business acumen. The overwhelming feedback we received is that “You, the industry”, is craving a community and forums (like ours) for open and honest face to face discussions.

We like to think that we have started something vital with VisDay. If your job has anything to do with the presenting of projects or the visualization of designs then VisDay has something to offer you. Please watch this space as we will be working to facilitate industry discussions and meet ups, all culminating in future VisDay conferences.

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